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Successful logistics usually involves more than rail or ocean transport. National and international businesses need a way to move cargo from point A to point B as cost-efficiently and quickly as possible. That’s where professional drayage services are vital.

Drayage services in California involve transferring shipments between ports, storage facilities, warehouses, and train yards. At Trans International Trucking, we have provided trustworthy drayage trucking service for well-known names in the industry for over 20 years. Our custom solutions can streamline your logistics and deliver the results you expect if your business requires intermodal drayage.

Internationally-Recognized Drayage Services

Container hauling may not cover the same distance as cross-country shipping, but that doesn’t make it less important. Making sure your products arrive at their destination safely and securely requires high-quality work and expert handling. It makes sense to trust your logistics to a company with an impeccable reputation.

Intermodal Drayage

Our team has extensive expertise in every area of intermodal drayage. Unlike some intermodal trucking companies, we can expertly transfer containers, crates, packages, products, parts, and other items between any number of supply chain points with our fleet of drayage trucks:

  • Rail
  • Truck
  • Ship

Our excellent relationship with countless national carriers also helps speed up transport times. We know exactly what needs to be done to get cargo or freight moving with no red tape to slow it down.

Port Drayage Services

We have a large drayage truck fleet and the dedicated equipment needed for prompt port drayage. Whether you have raw materials that need to be transported to a processing facility in California or finished goods for national distribution, our expert drayage service fits your needs 100%.

Store Pickup and Delivery

When we say we offer complete drayage service, we mean it. Our port, rail, airport and other drayage services go in both directions. We can load or unload cargo as needed by your supply chain. This includes distribution for local businesses, and temporary storage.

Local Drayage and Exhibition Drayage Services

We’re proud to support a large variety of business clients. While we work with large-scale manufacturers, we also have a great relationship with small businesses in California. We can help trade show organizers with transportation or exhibition pickup and delivery for individual businesses.

Scheduled Supply Chain Services

Are you looking to outsource part of your organization’s logistics? We’re happy to coordinate customized supply chain services for your company. This involves timely pickups and deliveries on a recurring basis. In the automotive industry, this may include transporting complex vehicle parts to a packing center for custom packaging and then moving crates to the railyard or an independent carrier for distribution to production plants around the country.

The Benefits of Choosing Trans International Trucking for Drayage Service

There are many benefits to choosing experts when seeking out container trucking companies. Our name is one you can trust to get the job done correctly every time:

  • Efficiency: Every member of our team is a professional. That means your cargo is handled with care and transported efficiently, which saves you both time and money.
  • Dependability: We have a great record for drayage service that you can count on. Your goods get where they need to go on time, which makes your own clients happy.
  • Speed: When you work with drayage experts, you get maximum speed every step of the way. This is important for reaching your production goals and sales targets.
  • Communication: We think the best communication is proactive. We keep you in the loop constantly, including letting you know when adverse weather conditions are incoming.
  • Expertise: You simply can’t beat the results you get when working with licensed, insured, and experienced drayage professionals. After 20 years, we’ve developed streamlined processes that enhance every area of drayage service.
  • Technology: We still believe in tried-and-true business priorities such as 100% customer satisfaction, but we’ve also taken drayage trucker services in California into the 21st century. Modern drayage truck equipment, electronics, GPS, and software improves everything from cargo tracking to route selection.

Customized Drayage Service Solutions

One of the things that make us stand out for intermodal drayage is that we always customize our services to your business’s needs. Different options can provide advantages for both logistics and your company’s bottom line. We assign you a dedicated client manager to ensure that your needs are met completely, not just today but also in the future. It doesn’t matter how complex your drayage needs seem or how many different points your supply has; we’ve been providing practical logistic solutions for decades.

With headquarters conveniently located 5 minutes from the Port of Los Angeles/Long Beach and locations in Savannah and Charleston, we are able to offer prompt assistance with your drayage requirements. We manage domestic and international container shipments and provide port drayage for short or longer hauls. Our dedicated team will keep you informed with location and status updates, and is at your service 24/7.

Value-added Services:

  • Freight Transloading
  • Company Owned Chassis – 20’s, 40’s and Tri-Axel
  • Yard Storage
  • Special Equipment
  • Overweight Service
  • U.S. Customs Bonded Carrier
  • EDI
  • Hazmat
  • Customized Status Reports

We offer competitive rates. To get a quote, please fill out our simple RATE REQUEST form.

Complete Drayage Services in California

Choose expert drayage solutions that improve your supply chain’s efficiency and profits. Does your business need a type of drayage service that’s not mentioned here, such as hazmat transport? Trust us when we say that Trans International Trucking can help.

Schedule an appointment to outline your needs, and we can create custom drayage services for your business. Contact us right away in California for assistance or to learn more.