Best Owner-Operator Companies

Owner-operators are some of the most highly paid truckers in the industry and also get to experience some unique benefits when driving for Trans International Trucking:

  • Owner-operators at Trans International Trucking have solid work available to them with the flexibility to spend time with family.
  • Trans International Trucking offers several perks such as fuel cards, tire discounts, rider programs, and more.
  • Truck drivers are in high demand, making owner-operators high on the list of careers with job security.

What is what is owner-operator trucking at Trans International like?

As a trucker, you want to drive for the best owner-operator companies, and at Trans International Trucking, that’s exactly what you get. We have been in the business for 25 years, working closely with truck owner-operator drivers to ensure their needs are met. When you accept one of our many owner-operator truck driver jobs, you become part of our family. Relationships with our owner-operators are important to us, and our goal is to strengthen and sustain those relationships, so you are happy and content with the job you do. 

With a commitment to 100% owner-operator satisfaction, our turnover rate is one of the lowest in the industry. Compensation is competitive, and we are proactive with communication and processes that benefit our drivers and our clients. Located near the Port of Los Angeles, our company provides efficient and custom solutions. Going the extra mile ensures not only our customers are happy with our service but our owner-operator truck drivers are also happy with their jobs. 

The Benefits of Being an Owner-Operator

As a trucking owner-operator, you are given plenty of opportunities to make way for yourself. You don’t have to abide by the same strict rules you have to adhere to when you don’t own your truck, making the job much more enjoyable overall. Six of the benefits of being an owner-operator include:

  1. Being independent – As an owner-operator, you are given the opportunity to make more decisions for yourself. Staying in control of your work allows you more satisfaction, which always leads in the direction of a better work ethic. Independence allows you more time with your family and more decisions that will benefit your future.
  2. Having flexibility – As an owner-operator, you are given more flexibility to do things your way. We ensure our drivers feel that their needs are being met, and sometimes that means switching things around for the benefit of the driver. This flexibility is what helps to keep our turnover rate so low.
  3. Being in high demand – Owner-operators are always in high demand. There’s been a major shortage of industry drivers because of the stress associated with the job, but when you own the truck you operate, that stress is taken down a few notches. Owner-operators appeal to trucking companies because they take care of their own trucks. If you’ve ever been worried about keeping a job, owning and operating a truck could be considered job security.
  4. Owning your vehicle – When you have your own truck, you get to make the decisions regarding it. When you put money into it for repairs or upgrades, that’s an investment that could give you a greater return when it’s time to sell. Picking out your own truck and truck features means that it will be comfortable and specific to the conveniences that you need.
  5. Gaining a reputation – Truck drivers often carry a reputation for the kind of work they do. The company you work for could play into that, which is why Trans International Trucking is a solid and reputable solution. Not only that, but you don’t carry any negative reputation with you from another company when you are self-employed.
  6. Making a profit – Driving with Trans International Trucking is one of the highest paying owner-operator jobs in the industry. With every load, you are given a larger share of the profit so you can efficiently take care of your family.

Additional Benefits for Owner-Operators With Trans International Trucking

When drivers enter into an owner-operator trucking agreement with Trans International Trucking, they have paired with the best trucking companies to work for. Being part of this family offers several benefits that include:

  • Competitive industry rates
  • Weekly settlements that are directly deposited into your account
  • Year-round work with plenty of time spent home with your family
  • About 3000-3500 miles per week if you are a solo driver; about 5000-6000 miles per week if you’re on a team
  • A free space to park your truck
  • An insurance program that includes discounted truck insurance for property damage
  • Paid scales, paid lumper fees, and paid permits
  • Fuel cards and a rider program
  • Discounts on tires and maintenance
  • 100% no-touch freight
  • 90% drop & hook
  • No-cost trailers provided
  • Extra pay for team loads that are expedited
  • Freight service across 48 states, as well as Mexico

Of course, there are also the benefits of spending more time with family with an average of 1500 miles length of haul. If you have a pet, you can take it with you for no extra charge, and our dispatch program is run by cell phone.

Requirements for Owner-Operators

At Trans International Trucking, we place safety as a top priority. It’s essential that you meet the following requirements as one of our drivers:

  • Twenty-five years of age or older
  • Two years with a valid CDL
  • At least two years of verifiable driving experience
  • Five years of a clean record with no DUI
  • Three years of a record with no accidents
  • Acceptable DMV point count of three points over two years and two points over one year

Keep in mind that all other CDL requirements must be met as well. For example, your CDL is only valid for five years, which means you’ll need to keep up on renewal. Maintenance is also required during those five years, so you should also be aware of those items. Every two years, you will be required to have a physical exam to determine whether you are physically in shape to continue with your CDL. You will also have to maintain a clean driving record, or your license could be revoked or suspended. Review all the rules, regulations, and codes, so you’re always up to date with driving a commercial vehicle.

Apply To Drive With Trans International Trucking

At Trans International Trucking, we offer a variety of carrier services to meet the needs of our customers. We are only as good as our drivers, which is why we take on only the most qualified owner-operators in the industry. With the best owner-operator job, our truckers are given all the resources and benefits to find success and help offer our customers the most satisfaction. 

Our regional owner-operator runs are all out and back, beginning in California. We run to AZ, UT, NV, KY, MS, SC, TN, and TX. Our Port Drivers begin at the port picking up containers and deliver them to specific locations that could include AZ, UT, and NV. Our team in Texas makes dedicated runs with daily home time. As you can see, there’s something for everyone as we strive to make our driver’s lives easier and more family-oriented.

If you’re interested in driving as an owner-operator for one of the most successful owner-operator companies, Trans International Trucking is the place to be. If you are self-motivated, highly skilled, and ready for a consistent paycheck, fill out an application or give us a call at 310-241-4174 and let’s discuss your readiness to drive with us.

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“I have been working here for just over a year. I started driving trucks 30 years ago. After my last two positions where you weren’t sure about getting your pay on time and maybe not at all it’s very refreshing to work at a place where you can count on your pay being in your account on time, everytime. I get along very well with my dispatcher Emiliano and as any driver can attest, that is crucial to things running smooth. Great place to work.” – James W.